Fluorosilicone rubber Weidrin®-R-1000M

Description:30-80 durometer, off-white, uncatalyzed fluorosilicone rubber base.

Item 1030M 1040M 1050Mh 1060M 1070M 1080M
Hardness shore A 30±3 40±3 50±3 60±3 70±3 80±3
Tensile strength MPa 7.5±0.5 8.5±0.5 9.0±0.5 9.5±0.5 9.5±0.5 9.0±0.5
Elongation at break % 420±75 400±75 400±75 350±75 250±75 200±50
Tensile set % 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8
Tear strength KN/m 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20 12~20
Compression set 177℃22hr(30%) ≤25 ≤22 ≤22 ≤22 ≤25 ≤25
Volume change (reference fuel B)%(24℃×70hr) ≤25 ≤20 ≤20 ≤20 ≤20 ≤20

Properties obtained using 2.0phr Heat-resist additive and 0.6phr DHBP (2.5-bis (tert-butyl peroxy)2.5dimethyl hexane on 2.0-2.2mm slabs, molded 10min at 170℃,post-cured 4hr at 200℃.


  1. Aerospace industry: used in aircraft as seals to resist fuels and/or lubricants, such as O-rings, spacers, integral tank sealing, seal rings, sensor materials, diaphragms and clips for fluorosilicone spacers.
  2. Automobile industry: used as sealing rings, grease seal, diaphragms, pipes and valve-linings for various types of vehicles.
  3. Petrochemical industry: sealing elements used in pump, valve and oil tank, which are used in high/low temperature and chemical circumstance.
  4. Medical and health care: used in manufacturing medical apparatus or instruments, and artificial visceral organs, such as medical pipes, medical hoses for fluids and artificial valves.
  5. Martial industry: used in poor environment, which requires materials to resist low temperature, oil and acid, for instance, corrugated pipes used in hydraulic system of martial aircraft, sealing rods for doors, windows and covers on special vehicles, sensor materials and etc.

Package: Complex bags made with aluminum and plastic. Each sack is 10 kg. 2 sacks are put in 1 box

Storage: Validity is 2 years. Shall be put in dry and ventilate places


  • The product shall be kept neutral, avoid being touched with acid or alkali products.
  • The product can flow under its own weight. Shall keep it in good condition of packing during transportation and application, in order it not to flow out.